Costumes and garments

ATELIER CARACO works with costume and fashion designers for both haute couture and the arts: film, theater, dance, opera, museums and contemporary art. In her atelier, Claudine Lachaud puts her techniques, know-how, experience and knowledge at the service of garments’ designers worldwide. In concert with them, she enjoys pushing back the barriers of artistic and technical challenges.

A conception and production tool

Located in the center of Paris, ATELIER CARACO is a partner and regular subcontractor for public and private theaters in the city, as well as for the great French fashion houses. More recently, collaborations have spontaneously arisen well beyond the borders of France, in Europe and Asia, and enriched the shared experience and culture.

ATELIER CARACO must be able to make anything: historical cuts, identical assemblies, original works in collaboration with artists, create items that have never before been seen, bring characters to life, reproduce doll-sized copies of real models, dress the ballet dancers of the Paris Opera, adjust and restore costumes and clothing found in private collections and houses of haute couture and from private individuals; and finally, work with new and old materials by maintaining a workshop of lace, fabric and needlecraft items from various epochs.

Because of its keen observation skills and unique ability to understand artists, ATELIER CARACO is a true research lab and production tool. The atelier’s various activities generate an abundance of technical advancements that are continually renewed to meet the needs of the many creative projects it undertakes.